Oudi Arroni “FACES” to open in September

September 22 – October 16, 2011
Opening Reception:  September 22, 6-8 pm

Artist’s Statement: In my long artistic career I have painted practically everything from landscape to still life to the human figure, but I have been most intrigued and haunted by the face, what the face says and what it really wants to say, the face always has two faces, the mask and what’s behind it.

Our heads are full of emotion clamoring for expression. Influenced by a myriad of circumstances, these sensations continually speak to us. Often undetectable these voices whisper to the depths of our souls. They continuously guide and shape our inner core and form our outer appearances.

At times simultaneously struggling for a voice, at other times in stark conflict with one another, I grasp the coming together of these expressions. The impact, the devastation, the anguish life can have on all of us have long been a preoccupation of my mind.

With suffering and ethereal eyes, longing and searching, my images capture the silent screams that can madden and destroy us, or come to serve us as protective mechanisms that mask our true feelings. I invite the viewer to gaze into an intricacy of sensations. Wounded by disillusionment and numbed with indifference, my portraits are like a lone bull in an arena surrounded and pierced by society.

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