“From Mato Grosso & Havana via NYC” opens Jan 11th


On January 11th, Gallery35 will open its 4th hosted exhibit— “From Mato Grosso & Havana via New York City” —featuring the work of three great contemporary visual artists from Brazil and Cuba: Grace de Almeida Kawall, Humberto Espindola, and Aisar J. Martinez. Also included in the show are 24 woodcuts by popular printmakers from Pernambuco, Nena—Francisco Borge, J. Borges and Costa Leite.

“From Mato Grosso & Havana via New York City”  is an unique exhibition connecting the important aspect of the popular culture from South America and Cuba to the United States, educational for all ages. Videos and talks about the artists and their work will be shown each Saturday evening for the duration of the show.

Opening Reception:  January 11     5-8pm

Closing Reception:  February 08     6-8pm

Gallery talks/video presentations about the artists: every Saturday from 6 to 8pm

Gallery open by request: contact curator,
Liza Renia Papi: 646-414-8929   lizaartoall@gmail.com

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