One Weekend—Two Events

From Mato Grosso & Havana via NYC

Closing Reception: Saturday, February 8th   6-8pm

Brazilian artist Grace Almeida Kawall will be the special guest at the closing of From Mato Grosso  & Havana via NYC. Grace is showing five works including hand painted, embroidered scrolls made with recycled material representing nature and Ameridian-Afro-Brazilian cultures. Liza Papi, curator, will also be presenting a DVD related to the exhibit.

Every Child is an Artist:
World Culture Reflections with Vidho Lorville!  

Opening Reception:  Sunday, February 9, 12:45 pm

On Sunday of the same weekend, Gallery35 is excited to present an exhibition celebrating cultural variety and artistic commonality found among people of diverse origins living in the cosmopolitan community of New York City. Children and professional artists of different ages and backgrounds have been creating visual art inspired by traditional celebrations such as Halloween and Carnival. The show displays the art creators’ respective reflection on culture, history and art forms from around the world.

Exhibit Runs Through February 21st.
Gallery Open By Appointment—(212) 683-4988 x23

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