Social Justice Issues At Gallery35!


October 28, 2017  – January 6, 2018
Artists’ Reception:  December 2, 2017  6-8pm
Closing Event: January 6, 2018  2-3pm

Because of the times  in which we live and the challenges we face in the 21st century, Gallery35 artists have chosen to present this very unique exhibit. During this past summer, we invited Community Church of NY UU members to articulate to us the issues most important to them.

Statement posters shown with art by (l-r) Rick Perez, Denise Fryburg, Virginia Asman

Their words are presented on statement posters as part of this exhibit, along with original art—created by our artists—inspired by their thoughts on the environment, civil rights, immigration and refugees, striving for peace, affordable housing and homelessness, democracy vs. corporatocracy, jobs, voting, gun safety and the global community.

Statement posters shown with art by l-r) Lorena Pachón, Kevin Maxwell, John Devaney

Our intention is that, through the language of art, our voices will be heard! 

Participating artists:
Cari Clare, Denise Fryburg, Dianne Martin, Ellen Mandelbaum, Ingrid Sletten, Jody Leight, John Connors, John Devaney, Kevin H. Maxwell, Lois Ross, Loren Pachon, Marilyn Boddewyn, Patricia Garbarini, Rick Perez, Susan Harris-Demmet, Valerie Lynch, Virginia Asman

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