New York City Takes Center Stage at Gallery35!












November 4, 2018  – January 13, 2019
Artists’ Reception: November 17  6-8pm
Closing Reception: January 5  6-8pm

In this exciting new exhibit, Gallery35 artists’ find inspiration in iconic sites and unexpected places around the city.

Central Park at Dusk by Patricia Garbarini is just one of the artworks featured in this exhibit. While Garbarini says,  “Dusk can be a magical time in Central Park,”  John Devaney  is excited by “the dizzying parade of faces, bodies, storefronts, and inexplicable shapes that swirl around me every day.” 

Teresa Hommel, Dahlia Bouquet

Marsha Peruo finds inspiration in “years of Manhattan’s never ending construction – sidewalk bridges, scaffolding, beams pipes, concrete….” and Teresa Hommel is intrigued by the flowers in the Union Square Greenmarket, especially the dahlia bouquets.

Ellen Mandelbaum, October Skyline

Bev Thompson, SPOT











Bev Thompson has been portraying man’s best friend at Gallery35 for the past ten years. SPOT– her latest pencil, graphite, and china marker piece—portrays a 30-foot Dalmatian dog balancing a taxi on his nose outside NYU Langone Children’s Hospital at 34th and 1st Avenue, the creation of American Sculpture, Donald Lipski.

Exhibiting are Bev Thompson, Cari Clare, Denise Fryburg, Ellen Mandelbaum, Jil Novenski, Jody Leight, John Devaney, Kevin H. Maxwell, Lois Ross, Marsha Peruo, Nina Kovalenko, Patricia Garbarini, Susan Harris-Demmet and Teresa Hommel.


One Comment on “New York City Takes Center Stage at Gallery35!

  1. Dear Gynee: Excellent write up on the artists’ work.. This is local inspiration. Lois


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