BLUE Comes to Gallery35!

May 5 – June 15, 2019
Artists’ Reception: May 18   6-8PM
Closing Reception: June 15  6-8pm

BLUE is the third in a series of exhibits which move around the color wheel. Earlier exhibits featured Green (2012) and Red (2018). In this exhibit, artists explore the rich possibilities of the color blue from blue moods to beautiful blues.  

Details of artwork by (l-r) Marsha Peruo, Ellen Mandelbaum, Patricia Garbarini

A few of our artists talk about their artwork for BLUE.
Ellen Mandelbaum:
Blue Skies forever: a tour de force, huge water color painted on a huge piece of arches paper—the best that money can buy, 100% rag. I began painting with ultramarine blue then bought tubes of cobalt and cerulean and kept on painting until it was a large field of the color blue. On the top of that I imagined three houses (or three boats) and some arced lines like foliage. All in all it was great fun to paint and should also be enjoyed by all.

Juanita Gilmore:
Blue Moments – Occupy WS 2012: a blue mood describes the prevailing atmosphere during the time period of Occupy Wall Street. The blue mood was not only the frustration of people but also the expression found in literature and the arts.

Details of artwork by (l-r) Michael Davis, Juanita Gilmore, John Connors

Michael Davis:
Long Island City: a view that was painted quickly as the skyline is bound to change again soon.
Brooklyn: a blue man group of one longing to be anywhere but Brooklyn. Maybe in the East River.
View from The Highline: blue skies, smiling on me, nothing but blue skies do I see.  All the time, everywhere; not a cloud in the sky, and the Highline is sunny all day.
White Tulips on Purple: if the flower were a rose, this would be a purple prose.

Patricia Garbarini:
As In a Blue Dream: an expression of the way the artist feels when she goes to a quiet place in nature to find stillness and time for reflection. The setting in nature becomes a dreamlike sanctuary…

Virginia Asman:
Blue Dog Blue Moon: inspired by my life in the New Mexican high desert, where coyotes live amongst us.
Blue Footed Boobies: those amazing birds that I photographed in the Galapagos Islands. Their striking blue feet stand out in a stylized montage.
Bluesy Boogie: a distortion of my drawings of musicians I have encountered in various venues and locations, blended together artistically in an imaginary blues session.

Details of artwork by (l-r) Denise Fryburg, Virginia Asman, Susan Harris-Demmet

Now that you have seen some “teaser” details from the exhibit, visit the gallery to see the entire show of 30 outstanding works by 15 artists inspired by all things BLUE! 

EXHIBITING ARTISTS: Cari Clare, Denise Fryburg, Ellen Mandelbaum, Jil Novenski, Jody Leight, John Connors, Juanita Gilmore, Kevin H. Maxwell, Lois Ross, Marsha Peruo, Michael Davis, Patricia Garbarini, Susan Harris-Demmet, Valerie Lynch, Virginia Asman

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