Karen Fitzgerald


Moon in Thicket, oil with copper and 21k moon gold on prepared, patterned paper, image 18″ diameter, overall, 33″x27″

Karen Fitzgerald’s paintings transform matter into cosmic revelations.” – Michaël Amy

Light suffuses our world – its energy shapes the mood of each day. I use color as pure light, physical energy, creating complex shades and tones that reconnect energies present in the everyday world with my own as well as viewers’ experiences.  My work gives you a way to have a visual experience of your own energy. I use the gilded ground as a cue. I intend that the precious metal indicates something beyond our physical world, something metaphysical.


In The Kingdom of the Yellow Wind, oil with 23k gold on panel, 15″ diameter.


Watching the Sky, oil with 23k gold on panel, 15″ diameter.