SMALLworks III: Give the Gift of Art!

Eleven members of Gallery35 plan to show works sized 100 square inches or less and priced $100 or less.  In addition, greeting cards featuring the artists’ work will be available for sale. Chair Virginia Asman explains, “We decided to present these cards in order to give our visitors the option of purchasing these small art reproductions which are also suitable for framing. It is our hope that the cards along with the affordable exhibited art and our popular unframed art will inspire the giving of the gift of art—made in America—in support of our local artists.”

Opening Reception: Saturday December 10 from 4-7 pm.

Karen Neiman “Collagitude with Attitude” Closing Reception November 20 4-6pm

Autumn Leaves

The art of design and collage making is both intricate and absorbing- for both the artist and the viewer.  Outlining the general drawing and the collage pieces come together in a cohesive way.  By adding and subtracting various bits of papers and throw away items, a picture emerges and forms a firmer image. This suggests to me that the end of the painting is approaching. Read More

Oudi Arroni “FACES” to open in September

September 22 – October 16, 2011
Opening Reception:  September 22, 6-8 pm

Artist’s Statement: In my long artistic career I have painted practically everything from landscape to still life to the human figure, but I have been most intrigued and haunted by the face, what the face says and what it really wants to say, the face always has two faces, the mask and what’s behind it.

Our heads are full of emotion clamoring for expression. Influenced by a myriad of circumstances, these sensations continually speak to us. Often undetectable these voices whisper to the depths of our souls. They continuously guide and shape our inner core and form our outer appearances. Read More