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RED—January 14—March 2, 2018
Artists’Reception: February 2  6-8pm
Closing Reception: March 2,  6-8pm

Gallery35’s newest exhibit, RED, celebrates a color long treasured by artists!
From the Venetian masters Titian and Tintoretto to van Gogh, who blended it into many shades in dozens of paintings, artists sought out the properties of Mexican red, which is extracted from the tiny cochineal insect, a small parasite that feeds on the prickly pear cactus. Carmine, van Gogh wrote to his brother Theo in 1885, using another name for cochineal, is the “red of wine and is warm and lively like wine.”from Elisabeth Malkin’s article, “An Insect’s Colorful Gift, Treasured by Kings and Artists”, NY Times, Nov. 27, 2017

And now, during these cold winter months of 2018, nineteen Gallery35 artists are exhibiting works featuring various degrees of this wonderfully warm redness!

Painted from life, Rick Perez’s portrait of the NY actress known as Waltrudis “attempts to capture the beauty and poise that so impressed me about her when she sat for me.  The red color of her sweater very aptly symbolizes the passion and devotion which are clearly driving forces in her profession and in her life.”

Yolande Heijnen is also exhibiting portraiture while Peter Robinson is showing his photograph of a sunset he captured from his apartment window when the sky was ablaze with red.

John Devaney’s painting is part of a series of swimmers that have morphed from human figures to animals, and to mythical creatures,  and back again—with no particular progress intended, just an ongoing impulse to embody the sensations of motion, flow, weight, mystery, and paradox.

Pat Garbarini’s work features the rich red color of a tree at The New York Botanical Garden in addition to a purely abstract work expressing the richness of the color. Red is also paramount in Virginia Asman’s original drawings of Southwest icons, recreated and painted digitally.

Bev Thompson’s Red Barn depicts a country holiday amongst the hay and holly with the photographer’s Best Canine Friend, Sealyham Terrier, Mollie Mae.

Also exhibiting are Beth Barry, Cari Clare, Denise Fryburg, Dianne Martin, Ellen Mandelbaum, Ingrid Sletten, Jody Leight, John Connors, Pat Gericke, Teresa Hommel and Valerie Lynch.

Enjoy the details shown below of some of the exhibited art; then, come see the complete works! We hope they will warm up your winter!

TOP: Beth Barry, John Devaney, Denise Fryburg, Pat Gericke, Patricia Garbarini, Rick Perez. BOTTOM: John Connors, Ellen Mandelbaum, Virginia Asman, Bev Thompson, Yolande Heijnen.

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Social Justice Issues At Gallery35!


October 28, 2017  – January 6, 2018
Artists’ Reception:  December 2, 2017  6-8pm
Closing Event: January 6, 2018  2-3pm

Because of the times  in which we live and the challenges we face in the 21st century, Gallery35 artists have chosen to present this very unique exhibit. During this past summer, we invited Community Church of NY UU members to articulate to us the issues most important to them.

Statement posters shown with art by (l-r) Rick Perez, Denise Fryburg, Virginia Asman

Their words are presented on statement posters as part of this exhibit, along with original art—created by our artists—inspired by their thoughts on the environment, civil rights, immigration and refugees, striving for peace, affordable housing and homelessness, democracy vs. corporatocracy, jobs, voting, gun safety and the global community.

Statement posters shown with art by l-r) Lorena Pachón, Kevin Maxwell, John Devaney

Our intention is that, through the language of art, our voices will be heard! 

Participating artists:
Cari Clare, Denise Fryburg, Dianne Martin, Ellen Mandelbaum, Ingrid Sletten, Jody Leight, John Connors, John Devaney, Kevin H. Maxwell, Lois Ross, Loren Pachon, Marilyn Boddewyn, Patricia Garbarini, Rick Perez, Susan Harris-Demmet, Valerie Lynch, Virginia Asman

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DOORS & WINDOWS: Looking In, Looking Out


DOORS & WINDOWS: September 10 – October 28, 2017
ARTISTS’ RECEPTION: September 16th,  6-8pm
CLOSING EVENT: October 28,   2-3pm

Windows and doors are usually just for peering and transversing. In Gallery35 at Community’s newest exhibit, they also function as an inspiration for artwork!

For the gallery’s opening exhibit of the 2017/2018 season—Doors and Windows—member artists have created work related to the theme that is both literal and imaginary.

Yolande Heljnen’s small dramatic paintings of windows were completed during a travel grant in 2016 in France where she worked mostly out of a sketchbook.

Work by (l-r) Yolande Heljnen, Diane Martin, Beth Barry, Lois Ross, Virginia Asman

Making use of her own garden flowers at a time when she was teaching 5 days per week and only had weekends to paint, Diane Martin created Blue Spring Window. She worked each week with a different piece of stem, leaf, or flower observed from life. Since she didn’t know what might be available to use from the garden each week, she simply let “chance” compose the image over time. The architectural pediment at the top derives from memories of Italian 16th century architecture.

Within Beth Barry’s abstract acrylic painting Green Door, perhaps there lies “that secret it’s hiding”!

The adobe wall surrounding many Santa Fe homes usually features an entry door through which visitors must proceed. Using a little imagination—plus original and antique photographs—Virginia Asman’s  series Time Warped Welcome explores the possibility of “characters” of the Old West greeting the viewer. Come visit with Annie Oakley, Sitting Bull and Kateri Tekakwitha (the first Native-American saint)!

Also in the fanciful vein is Lois Ross’s collage Serenade Beneath My Window.

Bev Thompson’s Monk & Sister: The Cloistered Life was created from a series of dog training photos with Monk & Sister working on their retrieve —behind closed doors.

Come see these and the work of other gallery artists including Susan Demmet, Teresa Hommel, Cari Clare, Ellen Mandelbaum, Patricia Garbarini, Denise Fryburg and Ingrid Sletten.

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Summer 2017—Paintings, Posters…and a New Name!


Our gallery is now officially known as Gallery35 at Community to reflect our relationship with Community Church of New York, Unitarian-Universalist. Gallery35 has been operating as an artist collective since 2004 with member/exhibitors from both the church and the larger community including several artists from Murray Hill, our neighborhood.

We are also presenting a new “unofficial” art show this summer! Although exhibits are normally scheduled from September through June, we have hung a surprise “pop-up” show for the summer months of July and August. To enliven the gallery walls which are usually bare during this time of year, we gathered and hung many of the colorful exhibit posters from the past several years.  Accompanying the posters is an exhibit of art recently shown at the gallery by member artists including Ellen Mandelbaum, Teresa Hommel, Valerie Lynch and John Connors.

We hope visitors and groups meeting at the gallery enjoy our new summer look!

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SCAPES of All Kinds At Gallery35!


March 19–June 10, 2017
Opening Reception: April 22   6-8pm
Closing Reception: June 10  6-8pm

When 18 artists are asked to interpret “scapes,” you can be assured that there will be at least 18 widely divergent pieces of art hanging in the gallery for our final exhibit of 2016-2017!

Karen Fitzgerald is showing an early tondo piece, Sea Calls To The Sky, gilded with 12k gold in the center, with a wider rim of dyed Dutch gold.  A thin veil of blues sits between the gold and a copper, linear drawing of stylized cloud forms.  The piece is titled from a line in a poem by Mary Oliver, in which the sea and the sky call back and forth to each other.

Nostalgia directs Lois Ross’ painting of a barn in Woodstock, NY nestled on a grassy lawn near a forest.

Pat Garbarini used composites of digital photographs to create her dream worlds—Into Serenity and Dreamscape I.

The scenic southwest is again represented in Virginia Asman’s triptych, Filly Freedom—a fanciful depiction of wild horses roaming on an idyllic New Mexican landscape.

John Devaney’s Summer Park continues an exploration of figures interacting with land- and cityscapes, with both elements defined by their gestures and sense of movement.

Of Denise Fryburg’s Said the Tree, she explains “Many aspects of nature come alive when they pose for the artist! This scene takes place in early summer at the lake in Central Park.”

Ellen Mandelbaum is showing travel water colors. “If I see something beautiful it is my greatest pleasure to try to ‘get it.’  I look hard and try to capture it with paint and paper to make it into art.”

Cari Clare’s most unusual piece—Getting Free—shows a person crawling (an eSCAPE!) with one foot still in a spider web. It is made of hemp twine over metal on board. Don’t miss this one!

Additional artists exhibiting in SCAPES include:  Beth Barry, Ingrid Sletten, John Connors, Kevin H Maxwell, Lorena Pachón, Marilyn Boddewyn, Rick Perez, Susan Harris-Demmet, Teresa Hommel and Valerie Lynch.

l-r: Ellen Mandelbaum, Autumn Vision; Karen Fitzgerald, Sea Calls to the Sky; Beth Barry, Primeval Forest; Pat Garbarini, Into Serenity; Denise Fryburg, Said the Tree; John Devaney, Summer Park

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Invitational: January 28-March 18, 2017
Artists’ Reception: February 18   6-8pm
Closing Event: March 18  3-5pm

A very special exhibit has arrived at Gallery35! The outstanding work of our talented artists that normally adorns the gallery walls has been doubled! Thirteen gallery artists have invited 13 guest artists to combine their artwork in this new exhibit fittingly titled Invitational! That’s 26 artists in all!

Expect to see a great variety of subjects rendered in a full range of artistic media. Of special interest is the visionary culture work of one of our guests, Jeremy Leggend, whose art is inspired by geometry, the cosmos and nature, mixed with certain aspects of graffiti.

Gallery35 Exhibiting Artists: Beth Barry, Marilyn Boddewyn, Cari Clare, John Connors, Susan Harris-Demmet, Karen Fitzgerald, Denise Fryburg, Teresa Hommel, Valerie Lynch, Ellen Mandelbaum, Rick Perez, Lois Ross, Ingrid Sletten

Invited Exhibiting Artists: Carol Summar, Dan Jay, Florina Sbircea, Geoffrey Gneuhs, Jeremy Leggend, Kara Peer, Laura Abella, Lorena Pachón, Malcolm Varon, Stephen C. Charles, Susan Aranoff, Yanka Cantor, Wendy Moss

There will be two opportunities to see the art and meet all of the artists: at a formal artists’ reception on February 18th and at a closing event on March 18. Come and enjoy refreshments at either or both! You may also contact the gallery ( to make an appointment for a private showing.

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Drawing1 traced

Works On Paper: Dec 4, 2016 – Jan 28, 2017
Artists’ Reception: December 10th, 6-8pm

Imagine artwork created using many different media and involving widely diverse subjects but all rendered on one surface—paper! Such is the work of fourteen artists featured in Gallery35’s third exhibit of the 2016-2017 season, Works on Paper.

For this exhibit, Teresa Hommel has chosen to show photographs—some depicting still life containing fruit and others dramatically detailing NYC architecture.

Karen Fitzgerald’s pieces are both gilded with copper grounds.  This gorgeous metal offers a distinctive energy and coloration unlike any other precious metal.  She used oil paint in thin washes to create imagery that is often abstract, but always evocative.

Phyllis Malinow, combining multicolored woodcuts with pastels and chine colle, has printed one of her pieces on Japanese Kochi paper.

Using a slightly different technique which includes original drawings, Virginia Asman is still exhibiting work inspired by her current abode in the southwest—a new series entitled Horses on the Rocks!

All this—plus the creativity of nine additional artists, using such media as oil, ink, guache, acrylics, graphite, watercolor and hand stitching—promises to make for a exciting exhibit to warm the winter months!

Exhibiting Artists: Cari Clare, Denise Fryburg, Ingrid Sletten, Jody Leight, Karen Fitzgerald, Marilyn Boddewyn, Pat Gericke, Phylis Malinow, Rick Perez, Teresa Hommel, Valerie Lynch and Virginia Asman

Meet the artists at our reception on December 10th from 6-8pm.
Appointments to see the show at other times may be made by contacting

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