Bev Thompson

Four Strings Standing

Bev Thompson’s work at a recent Pen and Brush show was likened to George Braque’s paintings. Her piece Four Strings Standing arouses the viewer’s curiosity unable to recognize the medium used – looking more like a cubist painting than a photo.

From the Button Blues to Hot Chili Mama, Bev Thompson’s Accordion Suite is an elongated flash and flow of all that is Earthy. The Big Easy in flavor with the percussive rhythm of The Big Apple.

Bev Thompson hails from The Land of Toto – Kansas. She began photographing with her mother’s Brownie Camera then progressed to Polaroids. The rest is history, as she now explores the world of digital photography. Five of her photos from 911 were part of a traveling tour to Arles and opened at The Corcoran Gallery in Washington. DC. Those same photographs premiered at The New York Historical Society where they are now part of their permanent archived collection.

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  1. Thank You. I have these photos in my inventory. They are currently not on display.


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