Karen Neiman “Collagitude with Attitude” Closing Reception November 20 4-6pm

Autumn Leaves

The art of design and collage making is both intricate and absorbing- for both the artist and the viewer.  Outlining the general drawing and the collage pieces come together in a cohesive way.  By adding and subtracting various bits of papers and throw away items, a picture emerges and forms a firmer image. This suggests to me that the end of the painting is approaching.

However, even though I have decided to stop adding and accenting the image, the painting feels as if the impression keeps changing.  Instead of trying to be “realistic,”  I let images keep redesigning by adding sequins, beads and assorted found and cast-off objects.

By completing one collage, the next one is already trying to take shape in my subconscious mind.  It then emerges as a design, still life, abstract compostion and “textural collage.”

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