FROM THE SOUL opening at Gallery35

Opening Reception: January 12th, 6-9pm
Closing Reception: February 23rd, 6-9pmVidhoArt

FROM THE SOUL highlights two decades of artwork by Haitian-born artist Vidho Lorville. The opening reception marks the 3rd anniversary of the tragic earthquake that destroyed the hometown of the artist and city capital of Haiti, Port-au-Prince.

From the Soul celebrates the rebirth of the country and the strength of its people from the struggles of the earthquake aftermath. The culture of Haiti will be honored and celebrated through musical performance.

The artist receptions are also fundraising events to support Aye-Ti Moun Yo, a healing through the art project for orphan children in Haiti as well as to help one of the orphanages: “Foyer Espoir pour les Enfants” located at Delmas 75 in Port-au-Prince.

Artist Vidho Lorville has authorized a limited edition of 300 design t-shirts of his art creation “Requiem for Horn Player” as well as 20 handmade artistic prints of the same artwork. All sales proceeds will go to this project. All purchases or donations are tax-deductible. The shirts and prints will be available for sale at the gallery receptions and also at

In addition, a percentage of the sale of the overall art pieces on display at the exhibition will go towards projects in Haiti.

Family Art Workshop For Children
February 23rd, 12-3pm.

Vidho Lorville will host a family art workshop for children at Gallery35 presenting urban architecture in Haiti’s cities during the 1800’s. Participants will construct concrete representations of the first urban housing buildings by people of African descent on the American Continent. The style of these buildings was influenced by French and colonial architectural esthetic as well as the late Germanic gingerbread house. This architecture style from the colonial era, invented by skilled Haitian engineers, influenced the urban esthetic of other Caribbean Islands and US cities like New Orleans and San Francisco.

Please contact Vidho to reserve a space:

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