ART SHOWCASE 2015—May 3rd thru June 20th


Opening Reception:  May 9  6-8pm
Closing Reception:  June 20  6-8pm

Art Showcase 2015—the annual exhibit in which member artists of Gallery35 display their best representative work—will be on display from May 3rd through June 20th.

Several techniques new to Gallery35 are included in this showcase:

Ellen Mandelbaum has coined the term  “aquaglass” to describe her clear painted textured glass, echoing a watercolor on the same subject—framed in layers 1” apart.  Light bounces back in the 1” depth off the watercolor so the stained glass receives the light it needs.

Bev Thompson’s sculptures are constructed of materials including spaghum moss, chicken wire, metal, fabric and wood.

Valerie Lynch has painted her abstract landscapes with alcohol ink .

Susan Harris-Demmet is combining cut paper with ink.

Also exhibiting: Cari Clare (mixed media), Kevin H. Maxwell (oil on wood), Lois Ross (acrylic), Marsha Peruo (photography), Patricia Garbarini (digital fine art), Pat Gericke (oil on canvas), and Virginia Asman (digital fine art).

Be sure to visit the gallery for this last show of 2014/2015!

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