Denise Fryburg and Pat Gericke: An Artist’s Journey

An Artist’s Journey
April 7- May 5, 2018
Artists’ Reception: April 14—6-8pm

Gallery35 is pleased to present this season’s second two-person show featuring the work of two of the collective’s artists.

Pat Gericke and Denise Fryburg both have used their art to chronicle their years of artistic development. The two, who studied together ten years ago,  have followed very different artistic paths. Denise has studied and worked as an artist continuously throughout her life. Pat interrupted her early artistic endeavors to pursue a different career and later returned to creating fine art. This exhibit showcases their evolving artistic processes. 

Pat Gericke is presenting a culminuation of different approaches with still lifes, figurative and landscape works, each piece representing a lesson in developing a visual eye. Besides being a resident member of Gallery 35 and living in Murray Hill for over 35 years, Pat is also an artist member of the Salmagundi Club, sitting on the Art Committee, as Vice Chair, , jurying member applications, exhibition entries as well as hanging the art work. This summer she will be studying with Julien Merrow Smith, in Provence, in the South of France. 

Denise Fryburg’s work features a unique look into her creative exploration, from her early twenties until the present. Fortunate enough to meet wonderful mentors along the way, she has been immersed in the pursuit and study of classical drawing, the magnificent world of color and the timeless disciplines of painting and rendering.  Denise shows her process and also reveals her journey into other popular and immediate art forms.  She is endlessly inspired by the last words of Michelangelo, “I am still learning,” and looks ever forward, with great anticipation, toward the creative road that awaits her.

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