The program was designed by Jil Novenski, member of Gallery35 and Director of Religious Education for Children & Youth at The Community Church of New York. Peter J. Robinson, Jr., a past member of Gallery35, served as Guest Lead Instructor.

Grey, 14  (they/them) “Artistry is not just capturing what is around you. Every piece, every aspect also carries a part of your soul. I hope that people are able to sense and relate to that in my photographs. When it comes to my artwork, I want to be able to convey not simply an image, but a deeper meaning as well. I like to take ordinary aspects of life and make people question why they pass it by and why we are not paying more attention to what those things can teach us.

Thorin, 17  (he/him)  “Whenever I’m taking photos, I’m listening to music and entering a realm of creativity and peace. I like to raise awareness about injustices through my photography. I enjoy when people react to my work because it means that my work has made a powerful impact.”

Ciela, 14 (they/them) “Creativity helps me express myself and gives me a voice. I want my art to inspire others and show them that there is a way to make yourself be heard without even having to use words.”

Milan, 14  (she/her) “As a young photographer, I use photography as a way to express myself and share my view of the world. Because our own individual life expires, we all can see the same thing yet take away something different and I think photography is a perfect way to share that.I would say that my creative process is freeing, it’s nice to have a creative outlet, and the process of going out and taking photos, editing, brainstorming, and more, is relaxing.A lot of the time I take pictures just to take them, and then, later on, find a hidden meaning or message within them. However, shooting with a purpose and specific message in mind is extremely beneficial to me.”

Logan, 14 (he/him) “Hi, I’m Logan Creech. I find inspiration in shots that connect the viewer and me to nature, justice, and awareness about mental health. When I am in nature, I feel grounded, allowing me to be fully present with myself, quiet my mind, organize my thoughts, and reconnect to what is important in life.”

Sitota, 15 (she/her)

sArtists Copyright – all works of art within this website are protected under U.S. copyright laws and international conventions. No portion of the artists’ works or statements may be used, downloaded, reproduced using any means, copied, linked to, or transferred electronically, without prior written permission from the artists. 

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