OUR 3rd youth justice art show!

youth ages 14-17 use photography to explore concepts
of identity expression and identity oppression.

In a national climate where laws around individual rights are tightening, See You See Me offers personal perspectives of identity from youth rooted in the first Unitarian Universalist principle—the inherent worth and dignity of every person. This exhibition challenges viewers to connect with the deep impact of systemic oppression particularly on young, emerging identities and to consider the limitless possibilities of human potential that can be unlocked when we affirm that everyone has inherent worth and dignity. 

Click on any thumbnail to open an enlarged view.

Thorin, 17

If I could change anything in society around identity, it would be to erase the thought of judgment. Judgment creates so many negative things such as fear, self-doubt, racism, bullying, sexism, and so many others. If we were to erase judgment, I know for a fact that the world would be a much better place. 

Ciela, 15

Photography is a great tool for social change because you can capture a moment with just the click of a button. because a photograph speaks for itself and everyone interprets them differently. because there is so much room for creativity and unique styles. 

My identity and my creative work are so closely intertwined, my identity inspires my creative works and my creative works helped me discover my identity. I want to see change in the way our world is run. i want to see more underrepresented groups in positions of power so it is no longer old white men making decisions that barely even affect them. and I want to see change in the way people who are different than others are treated. and i want to see change in so many more things as well.

Logan, 15

Photography is a vehicle for social change because the images captured can be used to highlight the best and worst of humanity, justice and injustice, hope and despair. Images expose people to experiences and emotions they might not have otherwise. 

Grey, 15

Photography is a great tool for social change because a photo captures a moment as it is. You can’t fake the emotions a picture preserves. With words you can stop reading, but you cannot turn a blind eye to a photograph.

Kojo, 16

Photography is a great tool for social change because it can bring a new perspective to a real life topic also portrayed in an art form.

One way my identity is incorporated in my creative work is that I like to incorporate myself into a lot of the pictures I take so that you know it’s my work.

One thing that would want to see change in society is the ability to love one another as a community.

Ozzy, 14

My identity is very important to a lot of the different creative work I do. Mostly because I think it’s very important to be able to see yourself represented in media and just in general. It’s so comforting to see people that are like you and see that they’re going through similar things. It’s very important to me to be able to give someone else that feeling of not being alone in the community that they’re in.

Sitota, 16

Photography is a great medium for social change. It may be used to inform us about problems in the present and also shine light onto the past. From this, we learn to meet needs and make the world better for those ahead of us, no matter race, religion or background.

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