EMandelbaumTuckerman Ravine

Tuckerman Ravine





OPENING RECEPTION:  November 15  6-8pm
ARTIST’S TALK:  December 7   1-3pm
Open Tuesdays   2-4pm; other times, by appointment*
CLOSING RECEPTION: December 20  2-4pm

Now for the first time masterful oil paintings are coming to light. For much of her life Ellen Mandelbaum has been internationally known for Stained Glass commissions for churches, synagogues, public and private buildings, even a thirty-foot high window for The South Carolina Aquarium. Only a loyal following knew about the oil paintings made fifty years ago. She kept them safe in her home and studio, attic and basement. This November fifteenth they will receive a world premiere at Gallery35, the gracious brick- walled Murray Hill Brownstone. Watercolors and projected images of major glass commissions will also be included.

“I will be exhibiting works from fifty years but I’m particularly excited to be showing oil paintings that ran counter to the dominant Pop Art and Minimalism of the sixties. I wanted a greater range of emotion and beauty.” Often Mandelbaum’s works were based on landscapes, such as Tuckerman Ravine. The large oil painting, made on hand-prepared canvas, began with sketches from a hike in The White Mountains.

Mandelbaum will also be exhibiting watercolor paintings and stained glass.

“My artworks have been lovingly preserved. Some of them were first exhibited at Gallery35 in a show appropriately called Buried Treasures. I know this happens to a lot of artists. Maybe I was before my time, but I never gave up. It will be very gratifying to see many of these works together like it has come full circle, and would make me feel whole. ”

*For an appointment: 718 361 8154, cell 917 324 3292, ellen@ellen mandelbaum.com

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