Opening Reception: April 11—6-8 pm
Closing Reception: April 25—6-8 pm

Gallery35 is proud to present their upcoming Artists’ Invitational exhibit.

This is the first Artists’ Invitational since the gallery’s formation 10 years ago with selected works by members and their artist friends. The artists, offering a diversified selection of work, are from New York and Massachusetts.

From traditional to contemporary, watercolors to oils, and tapestries with woven threads, and the gold minerals—this show is not to be missed.

Come in and speak with the members and their artist friends about their work, aspirations, and techniques.

Exhibiting Artists:

Gallery35 Members: Marilyn Boddewyn, Cari Clare, Pat Gericke, Ellen Mandelbaum, Jean Messner
Invited Artists: Laura Abella, Phoebe Bennett, Martha Crow, Karen Fitzgerald,
Denise Fryburg, Marlies Najaka, Ingrid Sletten, Alexandra Sun, and  Betty Vera

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