SOUL SPEAKING: Pictures From The Psyche

SOUL SPEAKING: October 20–November 24, 2019
OPENING RECEPTION: October 26th, 6–8 pm

LIVE ARTISTS’ TALK: November 23rd, 1–2:30 pm
CLOSING SHOW AND RECEPTION: November 23d, 6–8 pm

SOUL SPEAKING features the works of Susan Harris-Demmet and Ingrid Sletten in a two-person show. This powerful and thought-provoking show brings together 21 major works that explore the workings of the “all knowing unconscious mind.” Each artist uses different visuals to portray what the soul communicates. 

Harris-Demmet works in watercolor, oil and pencil to give voice to images that heal and transform both her and she hopes the viewer. Implied in her work is the presence of bodies with their references to generations past and present. Harris-Demmet states, “The subject matter of my paintings and drawings is of pre-birth, birth and the events that follow in abstract and fantastical visuals.” 

Susan Harris-Demmet—Tipping Point, Landscape

Sletten’s body of work emanates from her regular practice of contemplative prayer. Using acrylic, gouache, watercolor and charcoal on gessoed paper she translates snatches of interior spiritual energy in a collaborative process she calls the ‘footprints of God’.  Sletten says, of her works, “I seek to show the human spirit as palpable, almost mineral-like energy within and around the human form.”  

Ingrid Sletten—Energy Shape, Eyes

Both Susan and Ingrid have been active members of the Gallery35 collective for several years and are part of New York’s emerging contemporary spiritual artists. 

Harris-Demmet holds a bachelor’s of fine art from NYU. Presently, she works out of Gallery 35 and is continually searching beneath the surface. Her most recent exhibit was the Blue Show at Gallery 35. 

Sletten earned a bachelor’s /Summa Cum Laude in the history of art from the University of Missouri. She holds a master’s degree in Christian Spirituality from Fordham University and is a certified spiritual director. Sletten is a frequent exhibitor at Manhattan’s Gallery 35. She is also the founder and director of Seeing God, an art and meditation ministry. Her most recent major exhibit was Spirit’s Flight (2018) at the Gallery of The Church of St. Mary the Virgin in Manhattan. 

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