SMALLworks—Art Sized for NYC Spaces!

November 24–February 9
Artists’ Reception and Sale: Dec 7  6-8 pm
Closing Reception: Jan 25  6-8pm

Our SMALLworks exhibit features affordable art no larger than 12” in any dimension—perfect for our NYC spaces!

(l-r) Patricia Garbarini, Rouge; Denise Fryburg, Shells and Apple; Marsha Peruo, Flowers

Patricia Garbarini loves working close up in nature to create abstract designs. Rouge is a petal from a gorgeous rose in New York Botanical Garden.  

Bev Thompson’s Four Strings Standing arouses the viewer’s curiosity unable to recognize the medium used – looking more like a cubist painting than a photo. 

Reena Kondo is exhibiting a series of collages of aura photographs.

(l-r) Bev Thompson, Four Strings Sanding; John Devaney, Drummer

Exhibiting Artists:
Bev Thompson, Cari Clare, Denise Fryburg, Jil Novenski, Jody Leight, John Devaney, Marsha Peruo, Pat Gericke, Patricia Garbarini, Reena Kondo, Teresa Hommel,
Valerie Lynch




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