The Mantle, in collaboration art@apt, proudly presented their first ever art show, featuring five Burmese artists, hosted by Gallery35 in New York City. The show was open to the public and all works were for sale!

“To Be or Not To Be” sought to capture the ambiguous nature of being Burmese not only in New York, but also in an increasingly globalized world. Is there an obligation for the Burmese artist to be vocal about injustices occurring back home? “This exhibition is a stage for me to say something loudly,” says Chaw Ei Thein. “I can channel a ‘voice’ for those people who cannot express themselves not only from Burma, but also all over the world.” Adds Min Kyaw Khine: “I want to let people know what is happening in Burma. I want Burmese people to live without fear—that is why I am participating in this show.”

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