DOORS & WINDOWS: Looking In, Looking Out


DOORS & WINDOWS: September 10 – October 28, 2017
ARTISTS’ RECEPTION: September 16th,  6-8pm
CLOSING EVENT: October 28,   2-3pm

Windows and doors are usually just for peering and transversing. In Gallery35 at Community’s newest exhibit, they also function as an inspiration for artwork!

For the gallery’s opening exhibit of the 2017/2018 season—Doors and Windows—member artists have created work related to the theme that is both literal and imaginary.

Yolande Heljnen’s small dramatic paintings of windows were completed during a travel grant in 2016 in France where she worked mostly out of a sketchbook.

Work by (l-r) Yolande Heljnen, Diane Martin, Beth Barry, Lois Ross, Virginia Asman

Making use of her own garden flowers at a time when she was teaching 5 days per week and only had weekends to paint, Diane Martin created Blue Spring Window. She worked each week with a different piece of stem, leaf, or flower observed from life. Since she didn’t know what might be available to use from the garden each week, she simply let “chance” compose the image over time. The architectural pediment at the top derives from memories of Italian 16th century architecture.

Within Beth Barry’s abstract acrylic painting Green Door, perhaps there lies “that secret it’s hiding”!

The adobe wall surrounding many Santa Fe homes usually features an entry door through which visitors must proceed. Using a little imagination—plus original and antique photographs—Virginia Asman’s  series Time Warped Welcome explores the possibility of “characters” of the Old West greeting the viewer. Come visit with Annie Oakley, Sitting Bull and Kateri Tekakwitha (the first Native-American saint)!

Also in the fanciful vein is Lois Ross’s collage Serenade Beneath My Window.

Bev Thompson’s Monk & Sister: The Cloistered Life was created from a series of dog training photos with Monk & Sister working on their retrieve —behind closed doors.

Come see these and the work of other gallery artists including Susan Demmet, Teresa Hommel, Cari Clare, Ellen Mandelbaum, Patricia Garbarini, Denise Fryburg and Ingrid Sletten.

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