In traditional quilting, the phrase “Sunshine and Shadows” refers to arrangements of quilt blocks creating a strong contrast of light and dark colors, often used in wedding quilts to reflect the ups and downs of marriage.

“In my fiber art I often make use of traditional “feminine” skills in a feminist, progressive response to current events and to the climate crisis.  But my fiber art is never exclusively political. My style often incorporates visual puns and a whimsical sensibility. It always reflects my openness to inspiration from unexpected finds in the urban environment and the sheer joy of playing with color and fiber.” —Jody Leight

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Then scroll down below each enlargement to find the artist’s inspiration and purchase information.

Artists’ Copyright
All works of art within this website are protected under U.S. copyright laws and international conventions. No portion of the artists’ works or statements may be used, downloaded, reproduced using any means, copied, linked to, or transferred electronically, without prior written permission from the artists. 

Gallery35 At Community
24 E 35th Street • New York, NY 10016

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