Gallery35’s INTERIORS Warms Up Winter!

January 13–March 3, 2019
Opening  Reception—January 26  6-8pm
Closing Reception—February 23   6-8pm

Our newest exhibit, INTERIORS, provides a doorway to the artists’ visions of what lies within.

John Devaney is showing two paintings inspired by the bedroom scene from King Kong (1933). In Midtown Suite, there’s a monstrous intrusion into the dreamlike, lush interior. In Midtown – The Male Gaze, the two lovers are seemingly safe insidewhile a dark terror looms just outside.

John Devaney, Midnight Suite (top)                     Yolande Heljnen, Studio

Understandably the workplaces of artists are prominent. Both Yolande Heljnen and Denise Fryburg are showing pieces titled Studio and In the Studio. And while not included in the exhibit, a detail from John Devaney’s Gallery can be seen on the show’s poster

In a different vein, Virginia Asman is exhibiting digital renditions of photographs she took of the interior of a Ra Paulette man-made cave she visited after moving to New Mexico. Ra Paulette is an American cave sculptor based in New Mexico who digs into hillsides to sculpt elaborate artistic spaces inside mountains. Since he began sculpting in 1990, he has dug over a dozen caves in New Mexico, this one a livable space with electricity and running water.

Denise Fryburg, In the Studio                                      Virginia Asman, Ra Paulette Cave

Bev Thompson’s Nightdawgs was inspired, as was Edward Hopper’s Nighthawks, by a diner. Hopper’s diner (since demolished) in Greenwich Village portrays people in a diner late at night. Thompson’s diner (still in existence) gives us a similar vantage point uptown where two streets intersect at 100th and Broadway. Dogs line up at the corner of the Metro Diner, eyeing the diners inside. The exhibit gives cats equal time with a kitten taking solace in the interior of a carton in Jody Leight’s photograph, Boogie, Thinking Inside the Box.

Exhibitng artists are Bev Thompson, Cari Clare, Denise Fryburg, Ingrid Sletten, Jody Leight, John Devaney, Juanita Gilmore, Lois Ross, Valerie Lynch, Virginia Asman and Yolande Heljnen.

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