New Exhibit Looks Towards Spring!

March 3–May 5, 2019
Artists’ Reception: March 16  6-8pm
Closing Reception: April 27   6-8pm

All my life through, the new sights of Nature made me rejoice like a child—Marie Curie

Our gallery35 artists have looked upon the natural world and created artworks as varied as nature itself!

(l-r) Patricia Garbarini, Denise Fryburg, Michael Davis, Susan Harris-Demmet

Patricia Garbarini: The brilliant colors and the forms I saw within this gorgeous rose in New York Botanical Garden made me think of a flamenco dancer in motion–and so I titled this closeup abstract image of a rose Spanish Dancer!

Susan Harris-Demmet: This is my third painting titled Environment. After the title Environment I always add the year in which it was completed, so here we have Environment 2018. I worked on this painting on and off for 2 years. This oil painting was done while listening to music and thinking about water. As with most of my paintings, the brush strokes served as a setting to explore my feelings about my life.

(l-r) Ellen Mandelbaum, Cari Clare, Denise Fryburg

Denise Fryburg: After the Storm depicts the changing sky and landscape after a snow fall, with bright blues, pinks and oranges pushing through a winter gray.

Michael Davis: During the warm weather, I am always painting in Central Park. The Beresford and Two Paths were started in the park and then finished in the studio. The Roses and Grapes painting was done in the studio a few weeks ago; definitely a cold weather project. Since then, the roses have succumbed to time and died, but I have continued to paint them, as the shapes became very crinkly and interesting. Now I have a series of paintings I call Addams Family Flowers. Look for them in a subsequent show, maybe for Halloween.

(l-r) Virginia Asman, Marsha Peruo

Virginia Asman:  In Wings of Flight—butterflies and moths arranged on the color spectrum— is a digital montage of photos I took of the most dramatic mounted specimens of butterflies and moths I could find in a spectacular museum collection. This piece is joined by two other montages—Pining Away and Of Lilies and Lizards—inspired from my nature shots taken during a trip “down under.” 

Cari Clare: I created Future Pets from old information catchers. This is my vision of what can happen if we don’t protect Nature.

Exhibiting Artists: Cari Clare, Denise Fryburg, Ellen Mandelbaum. Jil Novenski, Jody Leight, Juanita Gilmore, Lois Ross, Marsha Peruo, Michael Davis, Patricia Garbarini, Susan Harris-Demmet, Valerie Lynch, Virginia Asman

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